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Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of Cotton Growing LLP

About the Institute

Kazakh Research Institute of Cotton Production LLP was founded in 1927. It is the only institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the scientific support of the cotton industry in the country. Kazakh Research Institute of Cotton Production scientifically meets the market needs with new competitive varieties of cotton, melons, watermelons and alfalfa, as well as their cultivation technology to achieve sustainable agro-industrial complex development. The Institute has 121.3 hectares of irrigated agricultural lands, 27 units of agricultural equipment, 79 units of office equipment and office equipment. Its administrative building has the area of ​​2904.1 m2, a cotton plant is of ​​542.6 m2 area, and sheds for farm machinery with a total area of ​​2044.3 m2. Laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, the latest measuring devices, tools for conducting research works on the latest techniques. It has access to the Web of Science electronic information resources and SpringerLink database. It has specialized scientific and technical library, fund of which has more than 3.5 thousand of book copies, periodicals, regulatory guidelines, abstracts,


doctoral and master's theses, patents, copyright certificates, etc. in various areas of the cotton science.

Certificate of accreditation of Non-Governmental Scientific Organization of Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of Cotton Production Limited Liability Company (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, No.003 618 dated 27.11.2013)

It has Shardara Branch with agricultural land of 648 hectares.

The Institute carries out the works in compliance with quality management system ISO 9001-2000.

Institute researchers actively participate in the international and national forums, symposiums, seminars and conferences organized by the International Cotton Advisory Committee in the European countries, China, Pakistan, India, the United States, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Africa (Burkina Faso), Germany, France, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Argentina. They actively illuminate the scientific work problems and results in the media. They distribute innovative technology of cotton managing and best practices by the Maktaaral knowledge spread centre.
The head unit is in Atakent. Staff includes 53 persons, including 3 Doctors and 5 Masters of Agriculture. It includes administration, Department of Selection of Cotton Varieties, Cotton Seed Growing Department, Innovative Technologies and Crop Diversification Department, Department for Soil Modification and Irrigated Agriculture and Laboratories: introductions, collections and cotton immunogenetics; cotton fiber technology; cotton seeds and perennial grasses growing, testing and new cotton varieties distribution;
Shardara Branch (South Kazakhstan Region, Shardara District, Uzyn-Ata village). Staff consists of 21 persons. It has 648 hectares of arable land. Basic institute research results are introduced into production by Shardara Branch.