Head of Cotton Seed Growing Department

Born on October 11, 1969 in Ilich Village of Maktaaral District in the South Kazakhstan Region

Educational Background: In 1994, he graduated from the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy with degree in Agriculture.

Professional Career:​

He started his professional career in Atakent Village. In 1995, he worked as the foreman at the cotton farm and then as the approving agronomist of the Cotton Gin Plant ‘Maktaaral’ JSC. He was appointed as the Senior Classifier of the Cotton Gin Plant ‘Ak-Altyn’ JSC.

He began to work at the Research Institute of Cotton Growing as the Junior Research Fellow from January 2006. Since 2009, he was appointed as the Head of Cotton Seed Production Department.

Research field is the selection and seed production of cotton, vine crops (melons and water melons) and green crops (alfalfa). He has a great experience in the development and implementation of such subject-matters. He has 7 Innovative Patents and 2 patents on selection invention. He is the author of 69 research papers.