Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan
NAO National Agricultural Research and Educational Centre
Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of Cotton Growing LLP


Provided by Third-party Organizations and Individuals

on a Contractual Basis:

● Comprehensive soil exploration in different cotton growing regions of the Republic.

● Determination of humus content and soil nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).

● Development of recommendations on the fertilizer practical application on the cotton crops.

● Determination of qualitative and quantitative analysis on the heavy metal ions content.

● Development of recommendations on the application of new domestic varieties of Maktaaral series medium staple cotton taking into account soil and climatic conditions.

● Determination of the groundwater mineralization level dynamics and degree in the cotton district.

● Development of agro-technical measures to improve ameliorative condition of irrigated lands in the region.

● Development of recommendations on the use of water saving technologies for cotton managing.

● Scientific and methodological assistance for the implementation of new technologies with the use of effective short cotton crop rotations and new cotton varieties.

● Production and sales of original, elite and reproduction seeds that are of competitive domestic cotton, melons and perennial grasses varieties.

● Providing the elite-seed farms of the republic with high-quality original local varieties of cotton seeds.

● Environmental test for new and promising cotton varieties under different soil and climatic conditions.

● Carrying out the registration and production testing for insecticides, herbicides, defoliants, desiccants, plant growth regulators, seed and biological products on cotton crops.

● Methodological assistance to farmers on new chemicals efficient use against the cotton weeds, diseases and pests.

● Determination of cotton fiber technological properties.

● Development of the state standards on cotton products and their harmonization with the international standards.

● Training and education for the leaders of cotton farms in the Republic.

● Meetings, seminars and conferences on the research results introduction in the production.

● Raw cotton processing services, denudation and etching for sowing cotton seeds.

● Land plowing services with a plow negotiable bunk, laser land leveling, crop harvesting.

Память Ералиева
Сорт дыни “Жиеншар”
Сорт дыни “Южанка”
Сорт арбуза “Күздік”
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